Front Foot Hook Kick in Taekwondo

Front Foot Hook Kick in Taekwondo

The Front Foot Hook Kick is found in the Purple Belt rank or 3rd gup in the Taekwondo system. This kicking technique is highly used in sparring, is also available in other martial arts under different names but the basics of the kick are the same.

  • This kick requires decent flexibility, speed, and timing. You need to be flexible enough to kick to the desired target from your fighting stance, you need the speed to connect with your opponent before his attack hits you and the timing to be able to coordinate, read your opponent and deliver your kick first than your opponent.

You could use this kick in the middle section and push your opponent out of the ring if done with proper speed and power. If you aim the head you must connect as he moves in, you will need to read your opponent very well to do this.

Step by Step:

  • Start in a fighting stance of your choice.
  • Pivot your back foot and turn your hips to your back.
  • Lift your knee keeping your eye in the target.
  • Now extend your leg to reach your target.
  • After you hit your target step down with your hand in a fighting position.
  • Keep your eyes on your opponent.


  • Do not try to kick to high if you know you are not that flexible, your other leg will slide in and you will fall.
  • If you cannot kick that high and insist on doing it, you might injure your knee tendons and ligaments, do not force the kick.
  • Stretch, stretch and stretch properly to reach the desired target.

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