Man robs Gas station, Former Marine fights back

Former Marine & Black Belt Fights back!

Man robs BP station, Former Marine fights back

Great news we need to share, a former Marine Combat Instructor and Black belt in Karate with more than 25 years of training who was the clerk at the BP gas station in Lenexa, KS, confronted 2 men who came to rob the gas station.

2 man came into the store and one of them had a 12-inch blade, the man with the blade came right behind him demanding money.

Despite having a knife, the would-be attacker soon found out the hard way that he had picked one of the worst possible targets: Jacobs is a former-Marine combat instructor and a black belt in karate with more than 25 years of training.

  • This is another example why is recommended to have Martial Arts training because you never know where you can find a robber, criminal or anyone trying to hurt your loved ones.

The problem arises when these criminals target young women or defenseless kids. It is a part of life to learn how to defend ourselves, when mom and dad are not around we are forced to take care of ourselves, this is why is so important that kids need to learn Karate, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu or any modern Martial Arts.

Life is full of Criminals, bullies and much more, give the confidence to your loved ones with Martial Arts.


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