The Foodie Sensei – Healthy but Delicious!

The Foodie Sensei

As a Martial Artist and human being, we are what we eat. There are all kinds of food out there but, how can we enjoy healthy bites without sacrificing our wallet and diet? We are in a constant race against others, in our society, at work, in a tournament, against others looking for acceptance, better opportunities and much more.

Food plays an important role in everything we do. Good food helps you stay strong, healthy and provide better results on everything you do. Besides you keep the doctor away which is also expensive too. How about eating the best dishes and feel great? Well, this is what I’m doing now. As an adult, we eat to maintain our bodies and to be in the best shape possible.

I have been asked many times what do I eat… well, the time has come and I will show you here. Subscribe so you don’t miss anything.


Japanese Happy Meal – My Bento Box at Ichiban Sushi & Japanese Cuisine