Flexibility exercises to improve your kicking

Flexibility exercises

Learn How to do the Splits

Flexibility is a must for all martial artist, we must spend time warming up properly and then stretch our hips, muscles and legs.  Here you have 18 Flexibility exercises you can do to effectively do the splits and improve your kicking techniques.

18 Effective Exercises to do your the Splits

  1. Front Hamstring Stretch with both feet. Lean forward with your feet together and hold for thirty seconds.
  2. Single Hamstring Stretch. Now you will stretch only one side for thirty second while your other leg is in half butterfly position. After you are done with one side try the other.
  3. Standing Single Hamstring Stretch and Squat Stretch. Keeping both legs separated a bit more than your shoulder width lean to one side taking your forehead to the shin and hold for 5 seconds, now go to your center to do a squat having your elbows touch your knees .
  4. Inner Thigh Stretch and Lower Back Stretch. Sitting on the mat open your legs, now fold one leg, bring your opposing hand to touch your foot while your other arm is being raised as you lean to your other leg. Hold for thirty second and repeat 30 second with your other side.
  5. Abductor Stretch.  Open your legs a bit more than your shoulder width, now bend one knee and lean on that side keeping the other leg straight while you reach to the front with your arms.
  6. Hip and Abductor Stretch. Sitting on the mat place one hand on top of your forearm at shoulder height, bend one knee facing the inside and your other leg facing your back, now move from one side to the other stretching your hip. Please do thirty second on each side.
  7. Quadriceps Stretch. Kneel with one leg while you hold your other foot with your hand pulling and holding for five seconds. Repeat the same on the other side.
  8. Abductor and Hip Stretch. With your front leg bent to your inside and your hands on both sides lean forward pushing with your hip and hold for 2 seconds, now lean back. Repeat the same exercise with your other side.
  9. Abductor and Lateral Stretch. Open your legs to your max, keep your back straight, bring one elbow to touch your knee then reach to the other side keeping your back straight. Repeat the same exercise with your other side.
  10. Pigeon Pose Stretch. The Pigeon Pose is a yoga pose where one of your legs is stretched while the other in the front is bent, from this pose lean to the front allowing your upper body weight stretch your lower back.
  11. Butterfly Leaning Forward. Sit on a butterfly position now stretch both arms to your front and let your upper body weight stretch your lower back and both legs at the same time.
  12. Abductor and Side Stretch Holding. Open your legs to the max, now take one hand to your opposite ribs now raise your arm and lean to your other side leaning and holding. (Try to take your shoulder to your knee while you hold for thirty seconds). Repeat on the other side.
  13. Front Split and Side Split. Do your Front split, now lean forward bringing both of your arms to the front and your chest to the floor for 10 seconds. Now do your side split and hold for 10 seconds, repeat the same on the other side.
  14. Split and Calf Stretch. Execute your Front split, put both hands on the mat, now extend both feet like trying to reach with your toes, then retract them like when you are executing a side kick.
  15. Half Split Stretch. Place on knee on the mat while your other leg is fully extended, place hands on each side to help you keep your balance, now lean forward for thirty seconds. Repeat the same exercise on the other side.
  16. Deep Low Lunge Stretch. Execute a forward bow, now place your knee on the mat while you go deeper to help your stretch. Hold for thirty seconds then do the same exercise on the other side. You can also grab/ pull your rear foot to increase the pressure.
  17. Front Split and hold. It is time to execute your front split one more time and hold for thirty seconds. Remember to repeat the same exercise on the other side for thirty seconds. If you cannot touch the floor then place your hands on each side.
  18. Full side Split and hold. Now execute your side split, lean to your front with both hands for thirty seconds.


  • Always warm up for at least 10 minutes before you do any kicking technique.
  • You must stretch both legs equally.
  • Make sure your knees are not bent.

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