How to do Flashing Wings Self Defense Technique

How to do Flashing Wings Self Defense Technique

Flashing Wings

Flashing Wings is a self-defense technique found in the Blue Belt rank of American Kenpo Karate, a system created by Ed Parker. This is a self-defense technique against a Front right step-through kick, which is a common attack.

Step by step:

  • Step into your left as the punch comes in, get behind him and do a left inward block.
  • Deliver a right horizontal elbow to his ribs, then come back with the same elbow while your left-hand claws his face.
  • Right shop to the neck in a neutral bow, switch to a wide kneel and to chop the right of his neck.
  • Check his right arm/shoulder and finish the technique with a right heel palm to the jaw

Flashing Wings. Instructed by Casa De Kenpo which includes Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano.


  • Since you are close to the opponent your knee has to make contact everytime you hit him.

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