How to do Flashing Mace Self defense technique

How to do Flashing Mace Self defense technique

Flashing Mace

This is a Self defense technique found in the blue belt of the Kenpo Karate system, this technique is against a right front step through punch.

Flashing Mace step by step:

  • As the punch comes in, execute a left inward block and a right inward block to catch & break the arm.
  • Step through while delivering a right hammer fist to the face.
  • Keep turning counterclockwise to hit with a left hammer to the middle section and a looping back knuckle to his temple.
  • Cover out

Instructed by Casa De Kenpo which includes Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano.

Flashing Mace, Kenpo 5.0 by Associate Master Jeff Speakman.


  • Your first strike to the head has to feed the step through that will help you find the angle to strike the ribs.
  • From your 12 o’clock you move to your eleven, then your right foot should land on your 9 o’clock.

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