Five Swords Orange Belt American Kenpo Karate

Five Swords Kenpo Karate

Five Swords

This technique is one of the Kenpo Classics, part of the orange belt rank in American Kenpo Karate. You will see this technique on Form 4 which is executed on both sides, it also has an extension that is available for higher ranks as well. Simple, easy to learn, and apply.

Five Swords step by step:

  1. While standing naturally with feet together, step forward and slightly to your left (to 11 o’clock) with your right foot (to a neutral bow) and deliver a right inward strike to the inside of the opponent’s right punch using your left hand to check.
  2. Immediately strike to opponent’s right neck with your right outward chop.
  3. Left finger thrust (palm down) to opponent’s eyes as your right-hand cocks to your right hip. This is done while you pivot into a right forward bow.
  4. With your left-hand now guarding horizontally and open (palm down), deliver a right uppercut to the opponent’s solar plexus as you pivot to a right neutral bow.
  5. Immediately have your left foot slide counterclockwise (to 4 o’clock) into a right forward bow as your left heel of palm strikes to the left jaw of the opponent (striking in an outward fashion). Without hesitation and while shifting into a right neutral bow have your left-hand hook and pull the opponent’s head down as you deliver a right overhead downward hand sword to the back of the opponent’s neck.

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