Finding the right martial art school for you kids

Martial Art school for you kids

Martial arts are great for kids, lots of exercises, training, new things, discipline, and confidence. But make sure you choose the right martial art style to get them started, there are 3 martial arts that are safe to get them started in the world of Martial arts:

These styles are safe for any kid, all other martial art styles are harder and there is a higher chance to get injuries.

Important rules for parents:

  • Find any of these martial arts styles in your city.
  • Read their ratings.
  • Read about their instructors.
  • Have your kid try a free class.
  • Make sure your kid is not asked to spar if he is a white or yellow belt (beginners should not spar)
  • Make sure your kid has his/her own protective gear. It is better to have gloves than getting a broken finger, or headgear than a black eye…
  • Be there to see how your kid is being taught.
  • Tuition has to be fair according to the classes a month.
  • The right studio should have a suitable floor for training.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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