Fedor Emelianenko “The Last Emperor” Highlights & Training

Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko

Emelianenko began his MMA career on May 21, 2000, with four straight victories. This Russian MMA fighter was born on September 28, 1976. He’s 5’11, 235 lb. He has won championships and accolades in multiple sports, most notably in MMA Pride Fighting Championships (heavyweight champion 2003-2007), FIAS World Combat Sambo Championship (Heavyweight Champion 2002, 2005, 2007), and Russian Judo Federation National Championship (Bronze medal 1998, 1999).

Fedor Emelianenko Training

Emelianenko has stated his driving force for winning fights was: “Years ago we hardly had anything to eat. Now I earn more money and I see every opponent as a man that tries to put me back to that poorer period.

That man has to be eliminated.” and about his state of mind before a fight: “When I walk into a fight, I’m trying not to think about anything; collect myself and concentrate. And going into a fight, I don’t feel any emotions, neither anger nor compassion. I don’t emotionalize. I’m going into a fight with a clear mind… During the fight, my senses dim and basically I don’t feel any pain.” To learn more about Fedor visit his Wikipedia page.

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