How to Do the Face Block Technique in Taekwondo

How to Do the Face Block Technique in Taekwondo

The Face Block can be seen in many forms, this block is mostly against any roundhouse attack which could be a roundhouse kick and even an axe kick. When you are doing a form this block is more defined by being done with all required details, but in Taekwondo sparring you mostly raise your arm in a 45 degree angle to block the kick.

Step by Step:

  • Starting on a fighting stance in front of your opponent.
  • As you notice your opponent moving his back leg and raises his knee step forward raising your arm to block the kick.
  • Go back to your fighting stance.


  • Extend your arm when you block only.
  • Keep your back straight and your eyes on your opponent.
  • Do not move your head with your block.

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