Extended Leg Squat Pose

Extended Leg Squat Pose

Extended Leg Squat Pose

The Extended leg squat pose is an asymmetrical variation on the standard squatting posture that requires strength, flexibility, and balance.

The asana also stretches your pelvis and strengthens your legs while improving your balance and stability.

Extended Leg Squat Pose Step by step

  • Start with your legs open a bit more than shoulder-width and your hands on the mat.
  • Bend both of your knees and lean on one side first.
  • Have your elbow rest on the inner part of your thigh and put both hands together.


  • Do not over-extend your leg if you know you cannot reach that far.
  • Know your limit and work within that reach.
  • Use your elbow to support your upper body, press it against the inner thigh.

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