How to improve Speed in Karate

Learn How to improve Speed in Karate

How to improve Speed in Karate

There are many exercises for speed we could name for Karate techniques. Repetition is fundamental in every technique but remember is not about quantity is about quality. When it comes to Kumite it is important to reach the target with accuracy and timing, which will secure points and will allow you to win your match.

Some important requirements to train speed exercises are:

  • to do a proper warm-up
  • to stretch the entire body properly

If you do not do a proper warm-up, your body will not be ready to give its best, it is important to avoid injuries that is why you have to do a warm-up. A fundamental part of martial arts is stretching, you must stretch your entire body both arms, back, hips and legs equally.

Here you can see how black belts get ready for Kumite. As you will see they do not use power but speed and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions in Karate

How can I increase my speed in Karate?

With a good warm-up, stretching, repetitions of punches, and constant kicking. It is important to use combinations of 2 to 3 techniques, for example, a block, a counter-attack, and a technique to finish.

How do you kick faster in karate?

Posture is important, your combat position cannot be very wide, your knees must be semi-flexed to help you move better. When kicking your knee you must first aim at the target before kicking to effectively hit the target.
Your fighting position must be comfortable, if it is not then you will not be able to move or even kick quickly.

You also need to be flexible, you must develop your stretching and be able to do the Front Splits and Side Splits.

How can I make my punches and kicks stronger?

Everything is in speed and precision, if you use force to hit your movement it will be slower, but if you use speed you will get to the target faster, the secret is to pretend that your target is inches away from where it really is. So, when you hit it it will be devastating and unexpected.

What is the most powerful punch?

Any unexpected punch can be a powerful one. It’s not about how hard you hit, but how accurate it is.

How can I improve my karate skills?

You can improve your karate skills with conscious, safe and quality training. You must study your punching techniques, positions, kicking techniques, stretch your whole body, recognize your best techniques and those that you have to improve.

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