Everything you need to Get the Abs you want

Learn everything you need to know about abs

Before thinking about the aesthetics of the abs, you have to see them from a medical point of view. The anterolateral abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis, oblique major, oblique minor and transverse) play a fundamental role in the balance of the pelvis, posture and spine. In addition, they are muscles that are used in all everyday gestures and allow, in particular, movements of rotation and inclination. You have it clear, these muscles are indispensable from all points of view!

Benefits of having strong abs?

One of the functions of the abdominal area is to keep the internal organs in an appropriate position. When the internal organs have good support, they fulfill their functions properly.
If we do not have a firm abdomen, it will not be possible to have a good internal balance. In addition to helping us maintain good posture, it will also help us improve our intestinal health and improve circulation.

What do you need to do to develop the abs quickly?

When the objective is to recover a flat and firm stomach, some are willing to do anything … Sometimes, they strive to chain abdominal series, thinking that it is the only solution for the famous chocolate tablet to appear. Crass error … because it agrees to respect the following basic rules to have a visible abs.

Work your Posture

If you want to have a slender, toned and profiled figure, it is recommended to respect a balance in the training of the abdominal and lumbar waist. As with classic muscle strengthening, you have to:

  • vary the exercises (material, variants …)
  • respect recovery times
  • change the structure of the session (shift work, circuits …)
  • move to the upper level to progress, that is, increase the duration of the exercises or change material

In order to avoid back problems (lumbago, lumbago, herniated disc …), the center of the body must be toned and balanced. It is advisable to be as “strong” in the anterior muscle chain (abdominal) as in the lateral (obliques) and a little more in the lumbar area (lumbar, spiny square …).

Eat healthy and eat Super Foods

If you want visible abs, you will need to have a minimum of volume and tone, but that’s not all, you also need to reduce fat mass to have a flat stomach (less than 10% for men and less than 16% for women) .

To achieve this, two things should be taken into account:

  • take a long-term balanced diet (good eating habits);
  • practice cardiovascular exercise regularly (twice a week at least). Nothing better than the exercise bike or the treadmill to keep fit, improve cardiovascular health, develop lung capacity and burn calories.

How to exercise the abs?

If you want visible abs, you have to work different areas of competence (work in stability and instability) and levels of difficulty. If you want to progress, you must increase the duration of the series or the load to be able to move to a higher level.

  • Basic level: abdominal exercises on the floor (lifting the trunk, isometrics …).
  • Unstable upper level: work the abs with instability and some material: Gym Ball, DST, Abdo Gain or Gain Trainer.
  • Stable top level: work the abs with high pulley, dominated …

What equipment can I use for the abs?


To get started in abdominal exercises, especially dynamic work (lifting the trunk), you can use rocking devices because they guide movements and help maintain a correct posture during exercise. Normally, they carry a foam headrest to relieve tension in the neck. The device rests on the floor and the feet do not remain blocked. The movement is made with the impulse of the arms, which facilitates the lifting of the torso.



If you are an experienced athlete and want to increase the range of movement in the basic exercises and work in depth the abdominal girdle, you can use an abdominal bench. With this material, the movement is executed by lifting the torso. The feet are supported by foam cylinders to ensure stability and safety during exercise. In addition, it allows you to regulate the inclination (height of the foam cylinders and inclination of the feet) to be able to intensify the effort.

There are other training tools that allow you to strengthen the deep abs thanks to the work of preconception. For example, Gym Ball, Strap Training, Abdo Gain or Gain Trainer. They are very effective accessories because they work with instability, hence the athlete has to mobilize the stabilizing muscles in addition to the muscles that are working in concrete. They allow to work in depth and tighten a series of muscles:

  • the muscles that you want to develop (pectorals, triceps …);
  • the abdominal girdle, which is forced to maintain a static position and contract. It is advisable to contract the abdomen at all times to keep the balance and protect the back;
  • postural muscles, which intervene in the support and protection of the spine (para vertebral, rhomboid, scapulary, superior deltoid …).

Now you have it clear, to have a steel abs, it is not enough to chain the series of exercises. You need a good hygiene of life and a balanced work of the abdominal and lumbar belt to recover a flat stomach and defined abs.

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