How to do Evading the Storm Self Defense Technique

How to do Evading the Storm Self Defense Technique

Evading the Storm

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate, this technique is found in the purple belt rank and is against a Right step through overhead club attack. Instructed by Casa De Kenpo which includes Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano. Let’s go over the steps:

  • Step to nine o’clock while doing a left parry to the elbow and a right outward extended block.
  • Right kick to the groin and apply pressure to his left knee as you land your right foot.
  • Left punch to his kidney and left a positional check on his right shoulder.
  • Left knee to his thigh, use the momentum to a left twist stance.
  • Right knee to his ribs and cross out.


  • Always step out of the line of attack.
  • Make sure you check the knee to control your opponent’s hight.

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