How to do Entangled Wing Self Defense Technique

How to do Entangled Wing Self Defense Technique

Entangled Wing

Entangled Wing is a Self Defense Technique found in the blue belt rank of American Kenpo Karate system. This technique is against a front arm lock.

Step by step:

  • As your arm is being locked step with your right foot to 12 o’clock, make sure you check his knee.
  • Drop your height and hit his solar plexus/stomach with your elbow, then lift your elbow and lock his arm pulling it over your shoulder.
  • Turn to your left and deliver a left elbow strike and right elbow strike.
  • Cover out.


  • Drop your height to feed your upward elbow strike and keep holing the arm for the next strikes.
  • Keep checking every time you deliver an elbow strike.

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