Encounter with Danger

Encounter with Danger

Encounter with Danger

This self defense technique is found in the green belt rank, it is a technique against a front two hand push. This technique has an extension that is available in the Third Degree Black Belt.

In this technique first, we need to know how to fall, then basic kicks to execute, first the groin or this area, second two targets the jaw or the knee, and the third in the chest.

Encounter with Danger Step by Step

  • As you are being pushed, fall protecting yourself
  • Deliver a left front kick to the groin
  • Execute a right front kick or knife-edge kick to the face of the attacker
  • Turn to your right placing both hands on the floor and execute a left back kick

“Most students shy away from this technique for all sorts of reasons, mainly failure to learn proper falling technique… I start there….once they learn that the technique falls in line…second is the stopping technique of the first kick…proper foot position, etc.. creating distance…the rest is basic…” Chad Gundlach

What’s the lesson of the technique? It’s just to provide options to fight with your feet if you get knocked to the ground and bring Tools to targets even if you’re on your back. It also teaches how to fall to keep you safe from injury and keep striking while on your back. The attacker/partner has to play a role to keep the attack pressing forward.
Lastly, the technique teaches you to alternate kicks and targets while rolling and how to get up safely & combatively. Steve Shaffer 


  • You need to learn how to fall
  • You need to know basic kicks
  • You need to be able to be comfortable on the ground

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