How to remove Gadolinium from your Body

How to remove Gadolinium from your Body

Remove Gadolinium from your Body

Gadolinium is a silvery-white, malleable, and ductile rare earth metal used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures, including a procedure called magnetic resonance angiography (MRA).

  • Gadolinium is not legal in Japan and in several other countries because studies have shown that it can cause several problems in our bodies. Unfortunately, it is still being used in the United States and it will continue to be used because is profitable; creating side effects which make people sick to keep them spending large amounts of money on drugs and treatments.

I was introduced to this problem after a very close friend of mine had been diagnosed with this Gadolinium problem who had been struggling for years with this.

After reading, contacting doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and many others I was able to put this plan that can help a person get rid of a big portion of Gadolinium from the body. According to a nutritionist and a doctor my plan could work and be successful.

If the Gadolinium is not removed from the body it can cause rashes, sweating, itching, hives, and/or facial and body swelling. A person with Gadolinium is in constant pain, constant swelling, and much more; keep in mind that all these might trigger more symptoms.

Plan & solution to get rid of the Gadolinium from the body

After the continuous study, research, and long conversations with different specialists I came up with this plan that can help you heal and feel better, and it could be the only at-home treatment you can do. Please read carefully step by step:

Kidneys, liver, and Skin. You will need to work on these three organs to help you release Gadolinium from your body.

The kidneys and liver are organs of detoxification and elimination that help your body filter waste. Your Kidneys remove the wastes that build up in the blood and damage your body. The kidneys are sophisticated trash collectors. The kidneys regulate sodium and mineral levels, excreting extra salts so that toxins do not build up in your body.

The skin is the largest organ in our body, the skin has multiple layers but it another way to eliminate water by sweat in our body. I will explain how we can use the skin in this plan.

Now more than ever you will need to take good care of your kidneys, liver, and skin by drinking much more water than before, it is highly recommended to drink high-quality water, if possible from a reverse osmosis filtration system. You need to constantly drink water all day, this will keep filtrating and cleaning your blood, this will increase the cell cleaning process, your kidneys will process much more and you will urinate more often.

Every time you urinate you eliminate Gadolinium from your body, you can get a urine test to measure the levels of Gadolinium and then keep track of it on paper.

Gadolinium can be excreted when you sweat

When you exercise your blood pressure increases and depending on the physical activity your kidneys will filter more blood and at the same time your skin will be sweating to help cool down your body, when this happens Gadolinium and other toxins will be released from your body through your skin, it might not be much but remember that anything helps.

Steam Room, if you combine a bit of exercise and a few sessions in the steam room your body will open the skin pores, will release water, toxins and will keep releasing water. This helps reduce inflammation and will help you remove a bit of Gadolinium through the enhanced sweating process of the steam room. You will need to keep drinking your high-quality water to keep up with the water your body is releasing.

Try infrared saunas to help remove heavy metal toxins.

The constant water filtration is one of the most important parts of this plan, I will give you an example of an aquarium tank, every saltwater tank requires a strong filtration system to it can support life in the tank, it has to be able to remove any toxins and waste otherwise it can develop cyanobacteria and kill all the fish, crabs, shrimps and live rock in the tank. The human body also has colonies of bacteria in it, they all have a function and if you do not take care of them, then they might “get sick” and will give you side effects you are not going to like. Constant filtration is key.

The Best Diet against Gadolinium

To fight Gadolinium your body will need super fuel and you will get it with a superfood. The right food will provide the necessary nutrients your body needs to stand the fight, create and repair damaged cells.

1.-Remove Sugar

You have to remove sugar from your diet, completely. Sugar can suppress the immune system. Sugar also upsets the mineral relationships in the body and Gadolinium is a metal, Sugar can damage your liver and so much more. Read the labels of all the food you buy and don’t buy food containing sugar if you want to heal then do it.

Sugar creates inflammations in the cells, creates dependency just like a drug, it provides temporary energy and helps store more fat by consuming temporary sugar fuel. It has several side effects such as headaches, sleepiness, tiredness, and much more.

2.-Adding superfood

Eat the following superfoods every day if possible: garlic, avocado, acai, Goji berries, cacao powder, seaweed, chia seeds, Kefir, hemp seeds, and black garlic. There are more but these are the most beneficial against the fight with Gadolinium.

Pay attention to these:

  1. Chlorella, water-grown algae full of chlorophyll, detoxifies and cleanses our body from heavy metals.
  2. Cilantro / Coriander is a natural chelator of heavy metals from the body.
  3. Get into Alkaline diet food.
  4. Eliminate lectins from your diet.
  5. Completely eliminate sugar from your body.
  6. Get Moringa Seeds and Guanabana leaves.

3.- Increase your water intake

You only live once and if you want to live longer and enjoy your family then you need to be committed to drinking more water. Your body has a built-in filtration system but it needs much more water to help you clean it from toxins and from Gadolinium.

The good news your built-in filtration system can do this for you, but again… you need to drink more water.

The Aquarium filtration system and your body

Optimal filtration is the solution, I will use the aquarium filtration system approach to explain to you how it works. If you have a fish tank you need clean water to keep your fish alive, in a Salt Water aquarium you need to create water flow to keep the water moving and oxygenated. Your body has the circulation system already working to reach all your body. An aquarium needs at least 2 filtration systems to remove toxins from the water, you also need a protein skimmer and a sump. Your body has 2 kidneys (filtration systems), a Kidney (protein skimmer), and skin (sump).

  • Our body has a built-in filtration system, but it does not store the toxins like an aquarium filtration system.
  • You have to change and clean the filtration system in the aquarium tank, you don’t on your body because your body eliminates the toxins every day.
  • The aquarium tank needs a water flow to be able to filtrate the water, your circulation system is running 24/7 for you.
  • A tank needs water change every month, your body needs new water coming in every day.

Gadolinium and The Aquarium filtration system

Recommended water options to fight Gadolinium

  • Warm lemon water.
  • Hot tea. (Green tea, black tea, chamomile tea, chai tea, lemongrass tea, and others)
  • Carbonated water.
  • Apple cider.
  • Filtrated water.

Recommended water options to fight Gadolinium

Exercises you need to do:

Swimming. For people with Gadolinium, would be the best exercise because it will have you work every muscle in your body, will increase your blood flow, will not have any impact on your knees, lower back, hips at all. When you increase your body flow your kidneys will work more, your body will burn fat and more urine will be eliminated, more toxins will be excreted from your cells as your body burns energy.

Yoga will help you with inflammation, will help you relax and stretch your sore muscles.

There is so much more to say about how you can treat this problem, I can say this plan I put together works but you need to work on it, if you think this will get you ready in 1 week then you are wrong, it will take much more time but as you work on it you will see results.

Lastly, I would like you to know that I’m still working on this and there is still more research to do as I am still conducting my study on the matter. Keep coming back to this publication as I add more information.

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