Eleonora Dobrinina gym workout

Eleonora Dobrinina womens bodybuilding

Eleonora Dobrinina was born in Russia, but she moved to Canada and was not in shape at all. She weighed more than 200 lbs, and she was determined to get in shape, change her physique look and pushed herself so much to be the best. Here you can see her training, remember if she was able to do this, then you can!

You can also work and get the best version of yourself!

She devoted herself to a healthy lifestyle, a training routine she will always follow, changed her eating habits and set her goals. Remember if Eleonora was able to do this then you are also capable. These are some of Eleonora’s tips:

  • get to the gym
  • set your goals
  • get a training partner
  • skyrocket your metabolism
  • eat better
  • drink more water
  • read the information labels of your food
  • get active
  • turn off your tv
  • play your favorite music and hit the gym

Now she is very active working as a model, personal coach, providing personal training, always training to compete, and helping people from all over the world transform their bodies, feel and look better.

Learn about her journey, how she became the female bodybuilder she is now, Bio Eleonora Dobrinina