The effectiveness of the Leg Kick

How to train the leg kick

The Leg Kick

Becoming an expert at using the leg kick only takes practice and dedication. This is the secret weapon in Muay Thai. It is all about surprising the opponent and throw the kick to the right spot. Some leg kicks can be so effective and powerful, the impact can knock any fighter who is not prepared. Some cannot get up anymore, that is why is very important how to read the opponent and create certain distance.

Mastering the leg kick takes time; it is not just throwing the kick and see what happens. It is important to know the strike area you are using, it is recommended the upper part of the shin because it has muscle support and this adds more weight to the kick. The middle and the lower part can also be used for striking too, but in short, the distance will help y, u more to disable balance. The power leg kick gives better results when using the upper part of your shin for the strike.

Leg kick combinations

Combinations will help create repetitions to master it from any stance, it is important to train both sides equally. Most martial artists make the mistake of training their favorite side, using 1 side is their weakness. Use these combinations to warm up, to train and spar.
1.- right foot forward on fighting stance, shuffle back with the same stance then throw a left leg kick. Go back to your original stance.
2.- right foot forward on fighting stance, lift your right foot to throw a front kick, then left leg kick. Go back to your original stance.
3.- right foot forward on fighting stance, left foot crosses your right foot, this will power the right leg kick. Go back to your original stance.
4.- double leg kick using the same leg.

Training Recommendations

It is recommended to train with a partner using Thai Pads for endurance and target practice. Never throw a leg kick in the air, the impact needs to be absorbed to avoid knee injuries.
It is important to keep your hands up while kicking, so many tend to drop their arms when kicking. When this happens is the moment your opponent needs to throw an elbow or punch and stop your leg kick.
Use the heavy bag to master your leg kick and to desensitize. Remember to be consistent and repetitive, create sessions and use different foot maneuvers. You need to feel comfortable around the bag, move with it and throw the kick. To desensitize your shins you don’t need power kicks, you need repetitions, don’t hurt your legs, train them. Remember training with patience, you won’t get your shins desensitized in 1 week or less, it takes dedication and lots of work.

Power up!

If you want to add power to your leg kick there is only 1 thing you need to add to every move, your hip. Add your hip to any kick or punch and you will see the difference. For the leg kick it is the same, but what matters is where you kick. Create your targets and train your kicking based on those. Add your hips when you want to add power and remember to cover up while kicking; most fighters tend to drop one or both hands while kicking. So don’t be one of them.

Just like you kick, you need to know how to block a leg kick.

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