Ed Parker’s Encyclopedia of Kenpo

Ed Parker's Encyclopedia of Kenpo

Without a doubt, this is a must-have book for any serious Kenpoist. I got my copy in 1996 and I still go through the pages from time to time. It’s a good reference to have.

The encyclopedia of Kenpo was compiled and published in 1992, two years after Mr. Parker’s death in Dec. of 1990, this work represented a monumental task, a labor of love by the creator, founder, and Senior Grandmaster of American Kenpo. From his first day of training, Mr. Parker had been fascinated by Kenpo, it’s unique nature kept his curiosity aroused and continually whet his appetite for an ever-increasing knowledge throughout his life. As he pursued knowledge by dissecting motion, he reaffirmed his belief that logic was the key ingredient influencing consistent organized methods of study. Structuring his work, he achieved clarity along with the ability to modify and update newly discovered concepts, theories, and principles. Mr. Parker developed a distinctive method of converting verbal language into physical language as he personalized lessons through the use of analogies, sayings, and short stories. This personalized teaching method allowed him to expand unilaterally, resulting in a generation of new concepts as well as a new and equal terminology, devised, developed, and included in the Kenpo experience. Together with the other writings of Mr. Parker, this volume brings together, into a cohesive whole, the mind of a Master of Motion. His admonition is straightforward and simple, “Study the contents of this book, and make learning a delightful experience. Allow Kenpo to become your second language if you are not already bilingual. Master the Kenpo language, and expand your knowledge beyond your expectations. Most importantly, remember that this language of motion, one physically ingrained and internalized, can save your life.”

We recommend you to get a copy to study and improve your Kenpo knowledge.

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