Kenpo Karate form 5

Master Kenpo Karate Form 5

Kenpo Karate Form 5

This is the Kenpo Karate form 5 performed by Cesar Bustamante at the Long Beach Tournament. Form 5 is often called the Fulcrum form because you have techniques where you take the attackers to the ground.

In this form you have some classic self-defense techniques, these have to be executed on both sides.

Form 5 Self Defense Techniques

Here is a list of the Self Defense Techniques in this form, you do these on both sides:

Depending on your Kenpo Karate lineage you will find this form as part of the requirements in the black belt level, here is where you get to work with self-defense extensions.

This Form 5 is performed by Master Martin Caceres S Macs, a Kenpo instructor, and owner at Laraquete Kenpo Karate “Study and Mastery”.


  • Keep the same speed during the entire form
  • Do not make your stances too low
  • Execute the strikes as if the attacker was your same height

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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