Ed.Parker’s American Kenpo Karate form 5

Kenpo Karate Form 5

Kenpo Karate Form 5

This is the Kenpo Karate form 5 performed by Cesar Bustamante at the Long Beach Tournament. Form 5 is often called the Fulcrum form because you have techniques where you take the attackers to the ground.

In this form you have some classic self defense techniques, these have to be executed on both sides.

Here is a list of the Self Defense Techniques in this form, you do these on both sides:

Depending on your Kenpo Karate lineage you will find this form as part of the requirements in the black belt level, here is where you get to work with self-defense extensions.


  • Keep the same speed during the entire form
  • Do not make your stances too low
  • Execute the strikes as the attacker was your same height

Kenpo Karate Requirements

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