How to disarm a Knife to the Throat

Knife Disarm

Krav Maga Knife disarming techniques for street threats. Disarm knife and stab to the throat! It is very important to consider that these attacks are real and sometimes things can go wrong. It is very important to be calm and try to give up anything you are being asked. These men have years training on attack situations like this, use these videos as a resource but for your safety find a local Krav Maga training center for proper training.

Things to consider when being attacked with a knife:

  • You will be cut if you do something, material things can be replaced but not your life.
  • Be calm and do what the attacker is asking you to do.

Now if you have mastered a certain level in Martial Arts here is what you could do:

  • As you are doing what the attacker is asking you to do, try to move away from the knife.
  • If you have the opportunity to kick him on the groin then do it several times.
  • It is no the arm you need to secure, is the wrist. Once you disable the wrist you might be able to apply any proven martial art technique.
  • Kick the knife away from him once he is on the ground.
  • Do not do attack him on the ground, it would be an assault. Instead call 911. Some would not like to deal with it and they just leave.

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