Dian Tanaka

Dian Tanaka Doing Kenpo Karate Self Defense Techniques

Dian Tanaka

Dian Tanaka was born in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to the San Francisco Bay area with her family at the age of 7. Her interest in the martial arts began when she watched a karate class at Chuck Norris’ Karate School in Los Angeles; she began her study in Kenpo in the late ’70s at an Ed Parker school run by Mr. Harvey Clary.

In this video you can see her doing, Parting Wings, Leaping Crane, Thundering Hammers, Back Breaker, Dance of Death… just to name a few.

This is video is from the old Los Angeles Kenpo Karate school, I know you might have recognized the familiar voice requesting the techniques… yes, that’s GM Larry Tatum.

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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