Delayed Sword Kenpo Karate Self Defense technique


Yellow Belt Delayed Sword Self Defense

Delayed Sword, the first self-defense technique in the American Kenpo Karate System. A basic self-defense but very effective, learn it from these Kenpo masters and learn their different insights and points of views on this technique.

Step by Step Guide of Delayed Sword

1.- You are facing the attacker.

2.-Step back toward 6:00 with your left foot to form a right neutral bow stance facing 12:00, then
deliver a right inward block while your left hand is checking.

3.- Right foot back into a transitional right 45° cat stance, then execute a right front ball kick to the attacker’s groin.

4.- Plant your right foot forward at 12:00 and then as you plant your foot deliver a right outward hand sword to the right side of the attacker’s neck.

5.- Cover out to 6:00.