Defense against an Abduction Attempt

Abduction Attempt

Let’s say that you are checking your mobile phone when someone suddenly grabs hold of your arms to drag you around the corner. How do you defend yourself? What are the best self-defense moves or techniques for that moment of time? If you are a woman what would you do?

Most women believe that the best self-defense moves are to kick the bad guy in the groin or gouge their fingers in his eyes. The sad truth is that this would not work against a guy bigger than you intending to harm you. So forget to knee him in the groin, you will probably fall over and end up on the ground with him on top of you.

These simple self-defense techniques could make all the difference when fighting someone stronger than you. How to defend yourself against an abduction attempt requires quick thinking and some basic self-defense technique to break away.
The first half of our video we look at how to hand fight to prevent the bad guy getting hold of your arms. In the second half, we look at the simple concept of making yourself heavy so you don’t get carried away.

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