Side Hair Grab Attack in Krav Maga

How to Defend against Side Hair Grab in Krav Maga

Side Hair Grab attack

A hair grab is one of those attacks that can disable you right away because they might pull you in fast, could be pulled to the ground or might hold for more attackers. The most important thing is to react immediately, timing is very important and you need to do something right away. Krav Maga works on the effectiveness of the technique, it does not matter how it looks as long as it works, as long as it saves your life.

How to Defend against Side Hair Grab with this technique:

Step1: You are being grabbed and as soon as that happens, execute an elbow strike to his floating ribs. Depending on how hard you hit him he might let you go or might try to cover himself.

Step 2: After the elbow strike uses your other hand to hit the groin with a palm strike. The amount of pain will make him lean forward and both of his hands will cover his groin. (this is a natural reaction)

Step 3: Finish the technique with a heel palm strike to his face, this will complete the technique and the attacker will not be able to come back at you at all.

Krav Maga has more options to attack like this.


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