Technique against a choke attack in Krav Maga

Choke attack in Krav Maga

Choke against a wall

In an attack like this, your only way out is through your attacker’s way. That’s your only way out, so you have to fight back.

Krav Maga solutions:

  • Solution 1: With your left hand pull down his right arm while you deliver a straight heel palm to his face, then continue with a kick to the groin.
  • Solution 2: The same as solution 1, but add elbow strikes to finish the action right away.

What if the attacker pushes you against the wall?

In this case, if you are pushed to the wall and your hand cannot do much, then reach the groin. This will stop him right away, then you will be able to add other strikes to get your way out.

Consider that once you are against the wall you have no way out unless you do something about it, if you do not do anything you might face more pain or worse.

Krav Maga is a martial art from Israel, is not for competition but for survival. You do not have belt ranks like in other martial arts, those do not work here because when you are on the street you do not wear your ranks or anything. You learn to push yourself to the limit and walk out victorious.

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