How to do The Dance of Death Self Defense Technique

How to do The Dance of Death Self Defense Technique

Dance of Death

This is far one of the most famous self-defenses in American Kenpo Karate, it’s the one you get to see most of all seminars and tournaments along with “Five swords“, “Parting Wings“, “Leaping Crane” and “Delayed Sword“. We those are just a few we could name but we all love good all “Dance of death”, also found on Kenpo Karate form 4 where you get to do it in both sides.

Step by Step:

  1. There are different views of “Dance of Death”, where you get to see many personal touches from each instructor. Let’s review our basic steps for this self-defense:
  2. Left inward parry and right strike to the groin (could be many different strikes to the groin) I will not list them here, you can ask your instructor what strikes could be used.
  3. After the groin strike, your opponent will lean forwards, you have canceled his height.
  4. Then move your left foot back as you grab the back of his right knee with your left hand, then deliver an inward elbow as you move.
  5. When he lands on his back make sure you still grab that right leg then back hammer the inner side of his left leg.
  6. After the back, hammer fist delivers a downward heel palm to his groin. (sunny up eggs)
  7. And the rest is for you to discover…

Learn the insights of this Kenpo Karate Self Defense technique available in the orange rank.


  • For training purposes, you can hit the internal part of the leg instead of the groin.

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