How d’you protect your kids when you’re not around?


This is pretty straightforward; if you have a daughter what do you do with all those sex predators and pedophiles around?? Have you noticed that they don’t mention rape crimes on TV? They don’t but try to find out the percentage of rapes and sexual assaults in this country, they are on the rise.

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood predators are always looking for victims, I know sounds hard and cold to say it but it is true.

If I had a daughter I would take her to learn martial arts, I would not think about it twice. Dad, you might take your little girl to school and then pick her up, but someday she will go to high school and College, she will have to go by herself some day. You won’t be there all the time; you can’t be her bodyguard forever. If she does not know what to do with a man trying to attack her, what do you think could happen?

Here is a video of a female martial arts athlete competing at weapons division.

Prevent kidnaps, rapes and bullying with Martial Arts

Now if we talk about common attacks I could mention: pushes, punches, kicks, holds, bear hugs, knife attacks, grabs… How do you think someone who does not know how to defend herself would react to any of these attacks? The reaction is exactly what these criminals want. The solution to fix this problem is Karate, Taekwondo, Self Defense, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu lessons. Save their lifes with Martial Arts.

Don’t let your daughter unprepared. Prevention is key; martial arts will help her develop confidence, control, discipline and the right attitude. She will be able to react differently and think better about what to do if she is attacked. Martial arts don’t make kids violent; it gives them all the tools they need to be successful.

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