How to do Crushing Hammer Self Defense Technique

How to do Crushing Hammer Self Defense Technique

Crushing Hammer

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo – Purple Belt Techniques – Crushing Hammer. Instructed by Casa De Kenpo which includes Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano. This is a technique against a Rear Bear Hug with Arms Pinned, a typical and common attack where 2 or more attackers can be involved that is why you need to react quickly and not let anyone immobilize you. Let’s go over the step by step break down:

  • As you are being rear bear hugged, step to your left and hammer the groin with your right hand while your other hand checks his hands.
  • The pain will make him take his hands to his groin and lean forward after you hit the groin grab the inner part of his pants and move your right foot behind his leg.
  • Then do a back elbow strike to his face then execute a straight heel palm to the middle, he will lose his balance because your leg is behind him.


  • Use your entire body, a marriage of gravity on your final heel palm to push him down.

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