How to Do a Crucifix Neck Crank

Crucifix Neck Crank

Now one thing, you’ve got to be very careful when you do this. Do not do this fast to your opponent. Careful in your training. It could really hurt someone. Now we talked about the twister control. But now I want to show you a basic neck crank, one that I really like. Damien Meiz used it in the UFC, and Shinya Aoki. Great, great move from the back, especially when you can’t get the choke. All right. So I’m here, and I’m trying to get the [?] choke, but his chin is down, and he’s playing with my hands. Right. So I’m going to come around here, gable grip, and I’m going to come on his face. Now I’m not going to neck crank him yet. I’m going to face lock him. I’m going to turn my wrist in and push forward, and this locks the face.