How to do Crossing Talon Self Defense Technique

How to do Crossing Talon Self Defense Technique

Crossing Talon

Crossing Talon is found in the Orange Belt rank in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo. Crossing the Talon is a defense against a right-hand cross wrist grab (to your right wrist). Let’s go through the steps to properly execute this self-defense:

  • Turn your right wrist clockwise and grab your attacker’s wrist pulling down.
  • Step forward with your left foot to 1 o’clock and execute an inward block to his elbow.
  • Pull his left wrist as you push down with your left block.
  • Keep grabbing the wrist and execute an outward elbow strike to his head.
  • Grab the side of the face and apply pressure with your elbow, then keep circling and hammer the kidney.
  • Keep circling and execute a down guard elbow strike to the spine or lower back.
  • Then finish the technique with a right knee snap to the face, body or any other available target.


This technique has several versions that are worth exploring so think outside the box and remember that anything is possible. Make sure you know the basics are present, adapt the technique to your own reality, and make sure you are comfortable with it.

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