Master Cross of Death in Kenpo Karate

Master Cross of Death in Kenpo Karate

Cross of Death

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate Green Belt Techniques Cross Of Death. The attack is a front two-hand cross choke. Its extension is a requirement for the third-degree black belt.

Cross of Death step by step

  • As you are being choked┬áplace your left arm over both arms to pin them down while you step executing a right vertical punch to the face.
  • Right check to both arms and deliver a left punch to the stomach.
  • Circle your left hand to┬ámove his left arm out the way to hit his kidney with a right hammer fist.
  • Keep circling your right arm to finish the technique with a right back knuckle to the face.
  • Cover out.

Rick Jeffcoat’s Kenpo Karate, presenting Cross of death, a requirement for Third Degree Black Belt.


  • Tuck your chin or you will be choked and act immediately.
  • The inward block must transform into a vertical punch right away.

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