Cross of destruction Kenpo Self Defense Technique

Cross of destruction

Cross of Destruction

This technique is against a rear two hand choke, it is found in the purple belt rank. If we take a look at the technique Cross of Destruction, a technique that teaches us the concept of the opposite. We can say that it can relate to:

  • Fallen Cross found in the blue belt rank.
  • Spiraling Twig found in the purple belt rank.
  • Flight to Freedom found in the purple belt rank.

Cross of Destruction step by step:

  • As you are being choked from behind grab both wrists and pull them down as you drop your height on a horse stance.
  • Turn to your right while grabbing both wrists till you cross his arms and apply pressure on his joints.
  • Kick his right knee, if your opponent is too close you can add an extra strike and cover out.


  • Make sure you pin and grab by the wrist.
  • Do not forget the hidden elbow strike and the back hammer strike before crossing out.

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