Cross of Death Kenpo Self Defense Technique

Cross of Death

Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate Green Belt Techniques Cross Of Death. The attack is a front two hand cross choke. Its extension is a requirement for the third-degree black belt.

Cross of Death step by step:

  • As you are being choked┬áplace your left arm over both arms to pin them down while you step executing a right vertical punch to the face.
  • Right check to both arms and deliver a left punch to the stomach.
  • Circle your left hand to┬ámove his left arm out the way to hit his kidney with a right hammer fist.
  • Keep circling your right arm to finish the technique with a right back knuckle to the face.
  • Cover out.

Rick Jeffcoat’s Kenpo Karate, presenting Cross of death, a requirement for Third Degree Black Belt.


  • Tuck your chin or you will be choked and act immediately.
  • The inward block must transform into a vertical punch right away.

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