Create the Best Fighting Stance

The Art of the Sweep

What’s the Best Fighting Stance?

Many always ask what is the best fighting stance, there are a lot of people who say that Muay Thai has the best fighting stance, others say that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has it, there is another group that says it is the boxer. The answer to this question has to be formulated taking into account that we are all different, we all have different abilities and abilities. Also, we all have physical differences that give us or take away the advantage when facing someone either in a tournament, on the street, or in a combat ring.

The best fighting stance is achieved when the individual manages to find the harmony of the following characteristics:

  • Comfort in movements
  • Speed and precision without much effort
  • Blocking and protecting yourself
  • Flexibility and reach

Let’s start by studying these characteristics in-depth:

Comfort in movements

Your body has to be relaxed and aligned in such a way that you can move in any direction without feeling forced in any way. Your legs should not be very open, it is recommended to keep them at shoulder height and semi-flexed. Your arms are relaxed and always up with your elbows pointing to your ribs.

Speed and precision without much effort

The speed in your combat position can be achieved when you already have a position that is comfortable and in which you are relaxed. It is here when you can move with greater speed; In this position, you have the ability to throw hand punches and kick with speed and precision. It is advisable that your arsenal of attack and defense techniques are only those that you have mastered; do not try to use techniques that you have not practiced.

Blocking and Protecting Yourself

How to do The Flying Knee in Muay Thai

We all have different bodies, that is why we must know our body well in order to use its advantages. We must also know the disadvantages and weaknesses. If I use more my right side or if I use more my left side, it is important to know which are the weapons that I use the most and that I can trust.
Your fighting stance should allow you to block in any direction without leaving any open spot.

Flexibility and Reach

As a Martial artist, it is my obligation to develop my elasticity, not only of the legs but of the whole body; Many make the mistake of only developing the flexibility of their legs leaving aside the hip and lower back.
To develop a good reach to your target with legs or arms you have to stretch your body completely and also perform speed exercises together with flexibility reaching various targets. Remember that if you are flexible you will move faster and a fast-moving target is harder to reach.

Now let’s put them to practice. Let’s see how it would be on the mat now, learn these tips and strategic foot maneuvers you can apply to your current training in Martial Arts.

Mastering Foot Maneuvers for Sparring

What’s the best fighting stance in the street?

Fighting on the street is very different from fighting in a competition ring. In a ring, there are rules, some kind of protection, a referee, and judges that count the points of each competitor.
In the street there are no rules, that is why you need to be careful and try to avoid any confrontation. In the case of a fight then do not think that the other person will fight clean, he can throw dirt in your eyes, kick you in the groin, or even worse have a weapon.
If you are forced to fight to defend yourself and there is no way out then adopt your best position and use those techniques that you know you can use well.


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