How to do Crashing Wings Self Defense Technique

How to do Crashing Wings Self-Defense Technique

Crashing Wings

This technique is one of our favorite ones because it is simple but it offers so many options for the advanced levels. The orange belt technique is against a rear bear hug with arms free. The attack concept comes from a multiple attack mindset, an attacker could come from behind while another at 12 o’clock. Let’s go through the steps of this technique:

  • Right step into a horse stance while you drop your height and execute a double elbow strike to his forearms. This will cancel his attack and cancel his intentions.
  • Grab his right arm/hand with your right hand as you pass your left leg behind his right leg.
  • Execute a left rising elbow strike to his face.
  • Then execute a right inward hammer strike to his middle/groin section while you keep your leg to disable his height.


  • Drop your height when stepping to your right.
  • Keep your back straight.

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