How to do a Copacabana Choke

Copacabana Choke

All right guys, we are going to do the Copacabana Strangler again, but from another position. I developed this position training with a Jujitsu competitor by the name of Dave Bass, who is a really great competitor, and had a great triangle. He used to do a variation of this and I kind of tweaked it in my own way, but it’s originally kind of a combination of his move and my move. We are in the pre-triangle position. We talked about this, how to get here, go to the triangle video. Now, I’m going to try attack his arm, okay? Remember we talked about the arm attacks, here, here, here, but nothing, it’s really tight. So, what I do is open up his head, and I take my finger and I put it right here. Now, unlike this Copacabana we did before, here, I can’t really sit down here. I don’t quite have the same leverage.

Fight it, Chad. See, I don’t quite have the same leverage. So, watch this. I go here to the carotid. My thumb goes on his trachea, okay, and I finish it like a regular triangle. Let’s do that again. Pre-triangle, how do I do that? I take my thumb, put it here. Now, I pretend it’s a triangle. I lift my hips, I pull his head down, and I squeeze my legs. My hand goes in, lift the hips, pull the head down, squeeze the legs, push.

You should not exert too much force. It’s not really the push, it’s your legs and your hips, okay? It’s not this. The hand goes in, but the legs and the hips do all the work. As I push my hips up, I pull his head down, and I squeeze my legs. And my hand is just there as a blocker, okay? One more time. I’m in the pre-triangle. Hand in, pull the head, lift the hips, squeeze the leg, and he taps. If he doesn’t tap, almost always what happens is he brings his hand out, and that’s when I can go to all these moves here, okay? So, either you’re going to tap him, or he’s going to release and we can attack. So, that’s the Copacabana Strangler variation from the pre-triangle.

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