How to Do a Copacabana Choke from Mount

Copacabana Choke

I’m going to go to surfboard, crossing my feet. All right. Hands out here. Now watch the choke. Okay. One more time. Let’s go over it again. I’m not pushing with my hand this way. I’m driving my weight forward like this. I put all my weight on him. My hand comes here.

Now I have to worry about getting rolled this way. So when I do that I’m a little it over this direction. Now I base on my elbow over here a little. I put my hand in, pull his head up. Okay. After I pull his head up, I drive forward. Pull the head up. Drive forward, right into the trachea. One more time. I establish the surfboard. One, base on your elbow, a little bit over this way with your weight. Drive forward, pulling the head up. In real time. And that’s the Copacabana Strangler choke.

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