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We have used several digital resources to create, update and modify this site.


Most of the text is created by the owner, some text is cited from Wikipedia where we provide the source link; and other resources where we also provide a link.

Images and photos:

  • Photos: Our photos have been taken using our own cameras. Some photos are provided by PEXELS.
  • Images: We have created our own artwork using our own software.
  • Images on Martial arts directory: these images have been approved/provided by the school owner.
  • Images on the Martial Arts Tournament/Seminar: the images, files, and art have been approved/provided by the tournament organizer.


  • Videos: We have a video channel with our own videos made with our own cameras. We have also embedded some youtube videos that have a Creative Commons License and Youtube Standard License. Some videos published on are the property of their respective authors or publishers.

If any published videos embedded from Youtube infringes copyright or any brand, and you want it to be removed from Youtube, please contact the owner of the uploaded video. We are using the embed option available on all public videos on Youtube, if the video has an embed option then it is public.

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