How to do Conquering Shield Self Defense Technique

How to do Conquering Shield Self Defense Technique

Conquering Shield

Conquering Shield is a Green Belt Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique against a left lapel grab. It is also found in the Third Degree Black Belt level with its extension.

Conquering Shield Step by Step

  • As you are being grabbed use your left hand to grab his right wrist.
  • While you are checking the wrist deliver a right vertical punch while you kick his groin with your right foot.
  • Use your right arm to him his elbow with an inward block while you go up to anchor him down.
  • Finish with a right heel palm to his face.
  • Cover out

Third-degree black belt extension, by Rick Jeffcoat.


  • Your left hand should hold and check his left hand until you deliver the upward elbow strike.

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