Harden Abs Conor McGregor Abdominal Training

Harden Abs Conor McGregor Abdominal Training

How to Harden Abs

One technique to tighten and harden the abdominal area in Muay Thai is to keep your abs contracted while you are being punched. This routine can be executed in the ring while the practitioner moves around the coach or the training partner.

This exercise can also be done in a fixed position. The ultimate purpose is to be able to endure and receive punishment because not many practitioners train this. The big mistake of many practitioners is just training punches, strikes, kicks and techniques; leaving behind this part and when it is time to receive a good punch that’s when the fight ends.

Conor McGregor is a UFC fighter who needs no introduction at all, he is well known for his triumphs and also for his defeats.

  • He has had fights with a lot of controversy over his boxing and MMA fights where he has stood out for insulting and disqualifying his opponents.

Conor McGregor has won many fights and has also lost. What stands out about this fighter is how disciplined he is with his training where he includes “punishment” sessions to learn to endure and receive punches. This is an advantage over his opponents, since most martial arts practitioners mostly train kicking techniques, punching, striking, and others, but do not devote time to this type of “education” training; which allows Conor to receive, endure and tire his opponents.

Recommendations of this hardening training

  • Start with a series of 10 soft punches while you are on the mat
  • Perform a second series of 10 soft punches standing on your fighting stance
  • Perform a third series of 10 soft punches moving on your fighting stance

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