Combination Drills

Combination Drills

We’re going to be talking about combination drills. Now combination drills is trying to throw out more than one, two techniques. Number one, doing a single technique is good, especially if you want to focus on something. Throwing a roundhouse kick, and just concentrating on that, is great. But you should also practice on your combination kick, because when you guys are sparring, or fighting, maybe the first kick might not work, but then maybe the second or the third technique might hit the guy.

So a few ideas for the combination kicks. You can throw a roundhouse kick. Roundhouse kick, very basic. Just keep it more than one. So if I’m here, like that. We could do a hop step roundhouse kick. So again, using the hop step, front leg, this way. Now we can add, maybe, three kicks. We’ll continue on with the hop step, roundhouse kick. Roundhouse kick to a tornado roundhouse kick. So from here, this way.

We might do a little more advanced combination, double roundhouse kick, spinning hook kick. So we’re here, this way. So there is, again, endless combinations and variations. Just mix it up with your partners and just have fun with it.

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