How to have quicker feet in tennis

Quicker Feet in Tennis

In this tennis video, Michael Farrington from High Altitude Tennis in Parker Colorado gives you some simple tennis footwork drills to do during your tennis fitness training program improve your tennis footwork.
The first is hopscotch. Start with your feet apart and then jump with the pattern of out, in out while facing one direction. Start off slow to get the tennis footwork drill down, and then speed up to improve your tennis footwork and make your tennis fitness training program harder!
The second tennis footwork drill is the figure eight. Start with your feet together and hop on the dot drill mat in the shape of the number 8.
Third if the one-leg figure 8. This is the same footwork pattern as the figure 8, except know with one foot. This is an advanced tennis footwork drill so make sure you are ready for it!
The final drill is the hopscotch with the twist. Perform the same footwork pattern as the hopscotch but add a jump and twist when you reach the end of the dot mat.
Make sure to work on your tennis training and footwork daily to improve your game!