How to do Clutching Feathers in Kenpo Karate

How to do Clutching Feathers in Kenpo Karate

Clutching Feathers

This Kenpo Karate Self defense Technique is against a front left-hand hair grab. Clutching feathers refers to your hair, just like wings to your arms. Let’s go through the steps of proper execution of this technique:

  • As your hair is grabbed step back with your left foot as you hold his hand with your left hand.
  • At the same time deliver a right middle knuckle strike to the side of his ribs.
  • Execute a right outward block to clear the arm and do a left palm to the face to create distance for your next move.
  • Finish the technique with a downward hammer fist to the side of the face.
  • Then cross out.


  • Pin and check the right hand right after you feel it on your head.
  • Keep your eyes on the left hand, act fast and efficiently.

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