How to Do Clinch Technique 1 Taekwondo Training

Clinch Technique

Clinch Technique

I’m going to be showing you guys the clinch technique in sparring. Clinching is important in the Olympic Tae Kwon Do game.

My opponent and I, we’re here, and I’m going to throw my initial attack. I add a check, and I’m going to throw my basic roundhouse kick technique. I throw a kick, I hit, I land forward, and I do this thing called a clinch.

A clinch looks like this. I have my arms out, and my chest is pressing onto his chest. The reason why clinching is very important is after I hit and I get a point, my opponent wants to kick me back. If I’m close to him and if he throws a kick, he can’t. His leg’s going to be passing by me. It’s another great defense, too.

Another error you shouldn’t do is, when you clinch, don’t slide back out. Especially if you’re fighting a taller opponent, I’m going to go in, bang, clinch; and let’s say I slide back out, he throws up, boom, kick to the head. You want to kind of stick into that clinch sometimes.

From here, I attack. I go for the clinch. Now if my opponent wants to kick me, maybe he might slide back. He might slide back, but that’s a mistake for him. If he gives me space, I have the full momentum to attack again.

One more time. I go for the attack, I clinch, he slides back, I could maybe throw a head kick. Again, I go in, I clinch, he slides back, and go for just the regular, basic roundhouse kick.

One more time, demonstration again. I go for it. I clinch. Again, my hand is out, back straight. He slides out. Go for the kick.

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