How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning

Like any other garment that we use both on the motorcycle and in our day to day, our motorcycle helmet gets dirty and requires special care and maintenance as it is one of the elements that safeguard our integrity. In addition, to carry out the cleaning of a motorcycle helmet, we must bear in mind that we have an exterior part, which receives dirt from the street, the impact of mosquitoes, mud debris … and another that is in contact with us , absorbing the sweat.

  • When dealing with different materials the first thing that we have to take into account before starting to clean the helmet of the motorcycle is to put into practice different methods and use different products depending on whether the cleaning is inside or outside.

Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning

Clean the inside of the helmet:
When we face the process of cleaning a helmet we can find two options. The first of these happens because the inside of our helmet, which is commonly known as pads or inner lining, is removable. The second of the options is that it is not removable.

It is removable:

  • It is a feature that is worth looking at when buying a helmet because if the inside of our helmet is removable, the cleaning task will be much simpler !! Once we remove the padded area, which is usually fixed by means of hooks and Velcro, we will wash them. The best option is to wash them by hand, in warm water with soap for delicate items and with a brush to remove the most encrusted dirt. If we feel lazy about rubbing, we can put the inside of our helmet in a washing machine, with a program of delicate clothes and at less than 30 degrees. Above this temperature, we run the risk that it may shrink. Once we have cleaned the inside of the helmet, the ideal is to let air dry, without using hair dryers, heaters, or, of course, clothes dryers. Taking advantage of the fact that everything is disassembled, we can wipe the shell with a damp cloth to make it perfect.

It is not removable:

  • In case our interior is not removable, it is necessary to wash the motorcycle helmet literally. So you have to choose between cleaning carefully with soap and water or cleansing foam or the less advisable and delicate option to put the helmet under the tap or inside a bucket. Actually, the first option is better, because in a delicate way we will be able to clean it and avoid possible degradations due to water. Likewise, we will let it air dry.

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