How to do Circling Destruction Self Defense Technique

How to do Circling Destruction Self Defense Technique

Circling Destruction

Circling Destruction is a green belt self-defense technique in American Kenpo Karate, it is against a front left step-through punch.

Circling Destruction step by step:

  • As the punch comes in, do a right parry followed by a left parry to hit the ribs with a right hammer fist.
  • Left straight heel palm and left-hand sword to the neck. Use a left check to the shoulder blade to turn him.
  • Use your left hand to check his back while you hook his eye with the right hand and do a right front scoop kick at the same time.
  • Cover out

Circling Destruction has an extension which is found in the third-degree black belt rank in American Kenpo, here you can see it. Performed by Mr.Rick Jeffcoat.


  • Check his left shoulder with your right hand as you deliver your left heel palm because if he turns you will be doing a different technique.

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