How to do Circles of Protection Self Defense Technique

How to do Circles of Protection Self Defense Technique

Circles of Protection

Circles of Protection is a Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique found in the green belt rank of the American Kenpo Karate System created by Edmund Parker. This technique is against a Front Right Step Through Overhead punch and is also found on Form 4.

Let’s go over the steps:

  • As the punch comes in step forward with your left leg to meet the action, execute a left upward universal block.
  • Keep the left hand checking the opponent while your right-hand travels in a circle motion to strike the groin with an open hand.
  • Finish the technique with a left hammer strike to the side of the jaw.
  • Step out.

Rick Jeffcoat’s – American Kenpo Karate – Techniques: Circles of Protection with its extension for third-degree black belt.


  • You need to use your feet and hands simultaneously in full synchronization.

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