Chudan Uke Traditional Karate middle block

Chudan Uke

Chudan Uke

Slow motion Chudan Uke (Middle block) from Goju Ryu karate, demonstrated by Sensei John. This middle block is found in many Katas, self-defense techniques and is one of the basic warm-up moves found in many of today’s dojos. This block is designed to stop a middle punch (horizontal, vertical or inverted), can also be applied against some kicks such as a front kick or mae geri, side kick or Joko geri, roundhouse kick or mawashi Geri and others. Let’s go over this list of recommendations for proper execution of this block:

  • Keep your back straight
  • Keep a good stance because you need a strong foundation
  • Your block goes from the inside to the outside
  • Keep your fist closed and strong

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